Trinity Grace Conference

18th April 2020, Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom

Ages 16-30


The worship of God is the most fundamental thing we as His people do.

This conference, we will be exploring this question, and seeing what this means for our singing, our expression of love and thankfulness to God, our prayerful preparation, and more.

Additionally, we want to inspire well-grounded brotherly fellowship amongst like-minded young believers. We would be delighted for you to join with us for the day, for us to get to know you and share fellowship with you. Be sure to register so we can be praying for you in advance!

Finally, we will end the day with a social event or activity to get to know one another more. We've put some suggestions on the registration form which you can vote for, or throw your own idea into the hat and we'll add it to the form for others to vote on.


Trinity Grace Church, 5 Bridge Street. Ramsbottom, BL0 9AB


  • Dabney Olguin

    Dabney Olguin

    Grace Covenant Church, Cleveland, Ohio

    Recently ordained to the ministry, Dabney trained under Dr. James Renihan at the Institute for Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS).

  • Oliver Allmand-Smith

    Oliver Allmand-Smith

    Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom

    At age 17, God showed me mercy and gave me a new heart – I was re-born as a child of God knowing forgiveness of sins and peace with Him. The following year I went to Cambridge University to read history, majoring in the Reformation period. In these years I learned how to study the Bible, how to exegete it faithfully and how to present the gospel message to others. I began preaching in the year of my conversion at summer camps and YP meetings. In 1995 I married Alison, and after some years of preparation, we were called to the pastorate here in Ramsbottom in 1998. God has blessed us with six children, and we have made Ramsbottom our home.


The day will include three lectures, one biblical, one historical, and one practical. At the end of each lecture, there will be 15 minutes or so of Q&A with the speaker, responding to what we have heard. This will be followed by a coffee and cake break for discussion and fellowship.

Time Slot Description
9h30 Arrival / Coffee Coffee and crêpes.
10h00 Dabney Olguin The Scriptural Law of Worship Grace Covenant Church, Cleveland, Ohio The only correct and legitimate way to approach God in worship is in accordance which what He has graciously revealed to us. This lecture will uncover the foundations of how we are to order our services of divine worship.
11h15 Coffee -
11h45 Dabney Olguin Historical Worship Grace Covenant Church, Cleveland, Ohio An historical view on the question of Christian worship.
13h00 Lunch -
14h00 Oliver Allmand-Smith So How Should We Worship? Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom What does this mean for our worship? Are all ballet performances really excluded?
15h15 Coffee -
16h00 End / Social -


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